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burning you clutch ouch!

dann959 Feb 1, 2004

  1. dann959

    dann959 Member

    Here's a topic me and some of my 1.8t'er friends would like to hear and know a little bit more about. BURNING YOUR CLUTCH>

    every ounce in a while one of us gets sloppy (myself included) and we end up reving to high or holding to long and we get that wicked stench from jolly old saint clutch. Some of us encountered this on our last outing. It sucks. Not only does it smell bad, but you also make an ass out of yourself. What we sould like to know is whats the best thing to do if it happens, should you suck it up and keep driving? Should you drive like a grandma for the next 20 miles? Or should you pull over like a humiliated jackass shut off the car and cry. Sometimes after burning the stench can stay around till the next day.

    Also besides what you should do, are audi clutches strong? What kind of maintenace do they need? How much hp can they handle? How many times burning your clutch is to much? What are some telltale signs that its on its way out.

    Please talk with us and share your opinion on what to do and how to overcome it.

  2. excursion

    excursion Member

    Hi there Dan,
    Firstly you should never slip the clutch, even when doing standing starts you can avoid 'burning' it. It's bad for the clutch.

    There is no ned to stop after it's happened, just carry on as normal. It's worth noting that slipping can mark the flywheel, which will degrade the clutch faster over time.

    Having said that I've had mine smelling once, reversing up a very steep hill. The clutch should last 80k if looked after, if you're slipping it often it won't last at all.

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