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Burned oil smell, rough idle, loss of low end power, sloshing water

Stevie170 Mar 17, 2013

  1. Stevie170

    Stevie170 Member

    Hi all,

    These are the problems I'm having after having my timing belt and water pump changed, when I first picked the car up from the dealer who done the repairs as part of the deal of buying the car, I started it up and immediately noticed a rough idle with a little kick every few seconds which would move the whole car, it then started smoking from the exhaust very badly which stunk of burned oil, the guy then took it for a spin and done a diagnostics check and said everything will be fine as it stopped smoking when he go back,

    all was fine driving home and now a couple days later I still smell the oil and it smokes quite badly when stationary, also when pulling away the low end power is noticeably different , it was a very smooth smooth drive with plenty of pull, now it seems juddery and has lost umph, it also sounds louder with a different tone.

    not sure if this has anything to do with it but I am now hearing liquid slosh around behind the dash when cornering, I'm very worried about the car and the dealer is 3 hours away, do you think I should get the car checked over from a garage local or just take it back to the dealer to sort out , I have 3 month warranty but not sure wether I'm going to get anywhere driving it back to the dealer after they sent me home with the car as it is .

    Would appreciate any help



    (2006 2.0 170 Quattro )

    edit- forgot to mention I had the car a week before the dealer done the work and the car was fine and since feels totally different
  2. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Active Member TeamMisano

  3. scottshere

    scottshere Member

    Maybe the timing is out... Check with another garage for 2nd opinion.. VCDs can tell you also i believe..
    Agree with Alpesh - the water will be the bungs that need clearing and have filled with rain water
  4. jaygeezer871

    jaygeezer871 Member

    You bought a car that was showing signs of being faulty, why oh why?
    Now you want to spend money at another garage for a second opinion, are you mad?
    Take it back to the dealer, give them chance to rectify it or reject it, not fit for purpose?
  5. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    call the dealer and get them to pick it up
    agree with the water as above theres a recall on that
    but easy to diy.
  6. Stevie170

    Stevie170 Member

    No mate the car was fine I had it for a week until they could fit it in to do the timing belt as part of the price as I requested it be done , only 40k but 06 plate so thought i best try and get that done and out the way,

    and I would prefer a second opinion since they sent me home with the car like that after checking and telling me it's fine, if the second opinion tells me different then they will surely be paying for that check and either correcting it themselves or paying for the job .

    Checked the car today and yes it is clogged up with with water present, would that be somthing I could ask the dealer to sort out ?
  7. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    By you taking it somewhere else for a second opinion you are making the decision not the dealer, I would be very surprised if they refunded you.
  8. Stevie170

    Stevie170 Member

    It's just the dealers a couple hours away and i couldn't make journey till the weekend and also wouldn't want to drive that far with the car this way incase there is more bother , would you say it was their responsibility to come and collect the car off me and resolve the problem ?
  9. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Can I just ask, did an audi dealer sell or an indy garage.

    I totally agree with Paul here, don't let it be touched by another garage, until you have spoken with the original seller as that will open a large can of worms unless agreed to do so with seller.

    For me, it definitely sounds like timing, mine gave me so many issues which seemed nothing like timing & it was a badly fitted belt by selling garage, some garages don't lock of the cams as you're supposed to & then fit belt with being out, my selling garage actually marked the belt position & still fitted new wrong, unreal.

    Yes tbh they should collect it or at least take responsibility in writing for if it goes very wrong on way to them.
  10. Stevie170

    Stevie170 Member

    its from an Indy garage , thanks for the advice lads I got in touch with the dealer and told him the problems , he is now on his way to pick the car up and promises to sort it out, I just hope he doesn't drive it and think well this seems fine ! Because if you hadn't drove the car beforehand you probably wouldn't think there was anything wrong with it if you couldn't tell the difference, apart from the smelly smoke that is!

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