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Bumper fitting nut help....

welshwoody May 16, 2011

  1. welshwoody

    welshwoody Member VCDS Map User

    Hi, I removed the bumper the other day in order to change the valance, had no problem other than that I dropped the two nuts inside the body of the car when I removed them. I cant reach them at all with a telescopic magnetic too, nor can I see any way to retrieve them from underneath. Basically what I need to know is were they just normal 10mm nuts with a washer or is there something fancy about them?
    I need to replace them either way but dont know if i can just use any washer and 10mm nut what with different size threads etc... Any help would be great. I know it was stupid of me to have dropped them in the first place but my deep reack sockets arent magnatised.
  2. Farhan

    Farhan Active Member

    happened to me aswell dude, no way of really getting them out unless someone has done it before. They have fallen into an enclosed part of the chassis which is welded in.

    You can replace them with 10mm nuts or throw dave @ stoke audi a pm to order you two in. But most 10mm nuts should be fine.

    Bit of advise when the two nuts fell we sprayed a special rust sealant which becomes slightly tacky and will make the nuts stick to something where they have fallen. This will eliminate any rattles, Im paranoid with noises so i used the spray which my bodyshop provided me and its been fine.

    The sealant is good as it will protect the chassis from rusting anyway LOL
  3. mozza1202

    mozza1202 Member

    happened to me aswell i went for a drive around where i live their are lots of speed bumps and they started to bounce around took me a week and a telescopic magnetic later to get them out

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