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Bumper bar not coming off for timing belt replacement!?

Dan TheMan Welburn Jun 18, 2014

  1. Hi all got my bumper off in preperation to do timing belt kit/waterpump etc, the bumper bar is held on with 3 t45 torx bolts either side, i have attached a t45 to a 2 foot breaker bar, and its snapped 3 t45 bits not one of the bolts are shifting,

    any ideas how to overcome this? ive attemped to remove rads with bar in place, got ac condensor off but because of the length of the coolant hoses attached to the main radiator there isnt enough room to wriggle it out

    any ideas??
  2. sumo

    sumo Active Member

    Get a big hammer and hit the head of the bolt to break the grip of the thread.don't deform the bolt head though, you may need to use a drift to get a couple of good hits in.

    Or try a bit of heat from piant striper gun.
  3. Ill have to see if i have any t45 bits left ive got the bumper bar off now but obviously i dont have the room to get into the timing belt cover and crank pulley bolts

    ill give the hammer a go if i can find a torx bit otherwise ill have to get a lift to halfords to replace the one out of my toolbox

  4. One bolt off out of 6 these are worse then my suspension pinch bolts were, worst comes to the worst ill have to cut the head off, drill through and use nuts and bolts when i re-assemble

  5. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    Also, sometimes it's worth trying to tighten a bolt before undoing it. It helps break free any rust/corrosion on the threads. Even the smallest amount of movement tightening can be a big help.
  6. AudiLeon

    AudiLeon Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Give them a damn good hit with a hammer.
  7. Managed to get one of 6 out in total i broke 8 t45 bits its blatantly been overtightened in the past, luckily tho with the little access i had i managed to change the timing belt tensioner, idler and water pump done my thermostat as well and also have a coolant hose to replace but access to that is also terrible lol its the oil cooler pipe goes into engine just under the tandem pump, cant get any pliers in to undo the clamp, gonna have to invest in some circlip pliers
  8. even got the synchro angle dot on 0.0 how much water/coolant does the AWX engine hold? i only got one bottle of g13 from TPS so at the min its got 1.5litres of coolant and the rest water, i took it for a little spin and it swallowed what was in the expansion tank
  9. MooLard

    MooLard Member

    Sorry didn't spot this message quickly enough, I had trouble with the same bolts and broke several torx bits before buying this one made of steel: Torx star bit socket 1/2"drive T45 Endura brand industrial quality, CrV/S2 steel | eBay
    It did warp a bit but didn't break. To help the bolts out I soaked them in some WD-40 from behind as well as hitting the bit with an extension on with a hammer. I then used my torque wrench as it's the longest bar I have to get them moving.

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