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Bulb warning light?

rob irl tdi Oct 15, 2010

  1. rob irl tdi

    rob irl tdi Member

    Ok , my car had a refusal on the NCT(DOE) yesterday. My father took it too be done. Anyway it failed on a rear brake bulb.

    I thought this would have come up on the computer as bulb gone.

    I noticed that when i fitted the the cruise and DIS and new module that I had more on the Check button like bulb and battery symbol

    Is this not working because I have something coded wrong?

    My mates SE tells him what bulb is gone and where
  2. Syncopix

    Syncopix OEM+

    Mine doesn't appear to have the bulb warning information either. I have had one brake light and two indicators fail. Luckily I noticed the brake light when reversing into a parking space that had a wall behind it.

    I was thinking though - if this feature isn't on my car, I shouldn't have any issues fitting HID lights!

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