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bulb upgrades

audi_nyc Apr 22, 2013

  1. audi_nyc

    audi_nyc New Member

    Hey guys. Just leased my first audi so I don't want to go crazy with modding it since I plan to turn it back in. Anyway, it's basically a 2013 base A4 with a few minor factory upgrades, if you even want to call them that... upgraded dark grey paint which I love. Upgraded/more rugged mats in car and both. Dual heated seats (might have not even been an upgrade). It's basically a base model A4.

    Regardless, I didn't want to fork over the extra money for the upgraded lighting package (even though they look awesome). I did, however, noticed my rear license plate has some kind of light (LED?) that is more a blueish or at least a true white light unlike my basic (halogen?) headlights that you see on any honda or toyota.

    Are there any bulbs I could swap out that would give a similar shade of lightning without looking ricey? I don't want to go with any of the xenon or HID kits as that would be too costly and time consuming to revert back before turning it in on lease in 3 years.

    So, school me on bulbs and tell what kind of bulbs I am looking for.

  2. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member

    I have used Sportzblue by Ring 80w......they give off a really bright white light with a very "slight" bluish tinge, fitted into dipped, mainbeams and fogs.

    It may be you thing, it may not.........

    Definitive how to for Led's interior / exterior

    LED DRL's

    Hope it helps in some way
  3. audi_nyc

    audi_nyc New Member

    Are these direct bulb replacements? Or is there some modification involved? I am looking for just a direct bulb replacement to give a slightly better look. Of course, I know a bulb replacement will never even come close to the upgraded lighting package from Audi.
  4. audi_nyc

    audi_nyc New Member

    And I guess w/ the slight blue tint, lighting will actually be slightly reduced? Or is that where the increased wattage comes into play? 80 over the typical 55w I am seeing on the popular bulbs like Sylvania and Osrams?
  5. jaysback

    jaysback Member

    The blue tint bulbs will lower output, but the 80w rings will more than make up for it.
    I have used these in the past and while I found them good to start of with after 6 months or so of being on a lot ( over winter ) I found the output to of dropped off a fair bit.
    Still on par with standard bulbs but not as good as they started out.
    Always stick with branded bulbs too, don't get the cheap rubbish on ebay they won't last or work well.
    Phillip's are very good, as are the osram's.
    I use these guys a lot to get bulbs from Car Bulbs, Headlight Bulbs, Wiper blades, headlamp bulbs, Xenon Bulbs: Autobulbs Direct Ltd

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