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Building a gaming rig?

L60N Jan 9, 2008

  1. L60N

    L60N Guest

    Ive just recently finished building my gaming PC. I found it very interesting and learned a lot on the way. If anybody is interested or wants to ask me any questions/advice, please feel free to PM me :)

    This is my rig:

    Operatiing system = Running xp64 & vista 64 on dual boot :p
    Case = Antec P180
    Motherboard = Asus P5N32-E-SLi
    CPU = Q6600 o/ced to 3.2ghz (2.4 stock)
    CPU Cooler = Arctic freezer pro
    Graffics card = XFX 8800GTX (extreme edition)
    Physics card = Ageia PhysX card
    Sound card = Creative XFi extreme gamer edition
    RAM = corsair XMS2 2x2gb
    Power supply = 1000W enermax PSU
    Keyboard = Logitech G15
    Mouse = Logitech G9 laser
    Headset = Creative Fatality

    Total cost = around £1350


  2. marms

    marms Member

    Love the Antec P180 case. Keeping the PSU away from the rest of the PC helps keep things running cool. Very high quality case and I like your choice of PSU and CPU cooler too. Very efficient cooler that and runs almost silent.

    Should be a pretty good gaming machine. It's quite gratifying the feeling you get from having chosen the components and built the machine for your exact requirements. Well done.

    Now if only I had the time to play games :)
  3. L60N

    L60N Guest

    The cooler is very good at what it does, but its also cheap costing £14 !

    The other one i considered what the Thermalright 120, is it was the only one that came close on the Quietness:cooling ratio but at £40 was a no brainer :think:
  4. Defratos

    Defratos You’re Dethpicable!!

    nice work mate, I built one my self a few months back. But I opted for the smaller cases I think if I remember correctly the Matx type. I do like the case youre using though (if a bit big)
  5. 205man

    205man Active Member

    i built a new game pc for xmas it was my present from my gfriend, ive only ever bought one ready made pc, and that was about 10 years ago, i ve always built my own since then
  6. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Glood work! :thumbsup:

    Did you buy all your bits from Scan by any chance?

    The last real gaming rig I was involved with was this...


    Although we're working on some siblibgs for it. The price has come down a bit too now!

    As L60N, I'm happy to help out with questions too...


  7. L60N

    L60N Guest

    Most bits from Overclockers. and some from a local shop which can get nice discounts.
  8. grathies

    grathies More Points Than Portsmouth FC

    I wish I understood all this stuff, I use my PC for internet, watching Family Guy and looking at porn.

    Is there an easy way of learning abou this sorta stuff? Like what components go together well etc
  9. L60N

    L60N Guest

    yeah there is, try looking on http://www.buildeasypc.com/

    Start with choosing the right motherboard. good ones are ASUS or ABit.

    a good one will set u back around £100. then the CPU, I recommend the Q6600, so cheap and its quad core :)
    then the other stuff. consider these in order:

    Motherboard <---£100 (consider the inputs such as how much memory it can hold, how many PCi slots (for graffics, soundcard etc)
    CPU <-- £150ish (doesnt have to be quad, u can get cheaper dual cores
    Graffics card <---from £200 (the new 8800gt is cheap as chips and one of the best)
    Memory <--- upwards of £60 (consider what OS u are using vista or xp, xp only needs 3gb)
    Powersupply <---- upwards of £100 (Consider how much power ure graffics card needs)
    CASE <--- £100 (consider looks/and space)
    oh. and a good CPU cooler <--- really only need if gaming, the one to have is the arctic freezer pro

    Why not look at the cyberpowersystems site, u could spec you own and they build it for you, also telling you whether the bits u chose are compatible. (I started here)

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