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build quality

Jackx1 Apr 3, 2014

  1. Jackx1

    Jackx1 Member

    I was passing past my local car garage today and seen a 09 plate a4 outside, so I stopped to have a look and was shocked at how tired it felt inside, it had 60k on it but everything creaked and looked tired. I'm not sure if this just this model that looked shabby, but in general my 2007 a3 feels a lot more solid and has aged a lot better. What's everyone's views on this?
  2. N00b1nat0r

    N00b1nat0r Member

    Could be well used, i noticed while looking at the local Audi dealership one A3 2010 plate had veining plastic on the Ash Tray and was worn on some areas. Ive got a 62 plate ex fleet and havent got anything like that.

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