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BTCC Thruxton 2011 (contains pictures)

Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by Gti Jazz Blue, May 3, 2011.

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    Had a great weekend at Thruxton for the British Touring Cars, caught a bit too much Sun on the Saturday and as usual it was a cold day sat in the Grandstand on the Sunday.

    Anyway took a few pictures which can be seen here BTCC Thruxton 2011 pictures by Gti_Jazz_Blue - Photobucket

    Shook hands with a really nice old gent - Murray Walker - had my picture taken with Lewis Hamilton (my mate took the picture of us his daughters are also in it). They seem to be a really nice family all were happy to chat and have pictures taken round Nick's racing.


    Got some pictures of when JB stuffed it into the tyre wall (due to a puncture) which the TV crews seemed to miss.

    Ted Kravits was in a Marshall's overall and was being filmed, must have been doing a day in the life of a Marshall segment. He is in the bright new overalls in the above picture.




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