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BT Install S4 Cab

JMHS4 Sep 28, 2007

  1. JMHS4

    JMHS4 New Member

    First post on an excellent site.:icon_thumright:

    Have been searching the site for advice on up grading from symphony II to RNS-E with 6 cd changer in the glovebox and bluetooth and found some great advice, thanks very much. Its all going ahead, just waiting for the plug and play leads from Kufatech (been waiting 3 weeks!) before install can begin.

    Anyway, does anyone know where the factory fit BT module would go in the cab. I have seen the site showing the retro fit behind the glovebox but not sure if that will be viable when I put in the cd changer. Will there still be enough room?

    Help/advice appreciated
  2. WHITEY_1

    WHITEY_1 Member

  3. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    The factory fit goes in a plastic box under the left hand front seat. So it would be a seat out, buy the box, etc, etc job - a lot of pain - and totally unnecessary.

    Even with the CD changer there's plenty of room behind the glovebox for the BT module - I've got the CD changer and I've retrofitted the BT module behind the glovebox in my previous B6 S4 and my current B7 RS4. And just about every A4/S4/RS4 retrofit on www.navplus.us has done the same...
  4. JMHS4

    JMHS4 New Member

    Cheers for the info,

    Don't fancy the pain of taking out the seat etc etc, behind the glove box it is!

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