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BT and Smallport head ??

S3Rich Jan 26, 2012

  1. S3Rich

    S3Rich Member

    The questions probably been asked a 100 times before but its a few questions extra aswell,ive read the big turbo thread and the updated one a 1000 times so much so i could relay it back to you word for word,
    i just need a lil help from you guys that have done the BT build or are in the process off it,ill explain.....

    Right my poor lil k04 is shot to pieces during fitting the B5 tip adapter i had a wiggle on the shaft to see how he was and wow it was so bad in/out and up/down it was also shiny on the ends of the fins but i still fitted it as the car was pulling well before with no issues and i wasn't ready for a turbo upgrade,
    I had been doing vcds logs quite often checking its health before and after any mods to actually see the improvements but after many weeks of data logging the actual/requested boost is slowly getting worse and worse and dropping off boost,not holding boost at all, this can also be seen on the in car boost gauge it peeks to 22ish then rapidly drops off :(

    So the time has come to finally splash some cash and start collecting parts.....
    The goal is the 400 mark and im hoping to get it done in 2 stages to help brake the cost down abit

    1st stage would be a bottom end rebuild to make sure the engine is in good health, rods/pistons etc, with the turbo and manifold upgrade and all neccesary parts to get it running ,injectors, fuel pump and mapping etc

    2nd stage would be all the extra bits like,Largeport head uprated valves,intake manifold and TB,WMI,even bigger FMIC

    My question is......

    is stage 1 possible with my smallport head and how drivable will it be with a gt30 sized turbo on a tubular manifold as i know they make power higher up the revs but my engine wont be flowing enough to maximise the potential of the turbo untill stage 2...

    ahhhh my head hurts from so much thinking so many questions

    help me out guys

  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    It'll be fine.

    The small port head will restrict you in top end power, but it should still be plenty drivable.

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