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BSH Catch Can - Being changed for a Forge Catch Can (8P2 new configuration)

warren_S5 Feb 24, 2011

  1. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    After much trial and error I've decided to change the £100 forum offer BSH Catch Can that's been on the car for; well far too long.

    I noted (and I appreciate its been cold lately), that I have been needing to empty it more and more, and that I've been getting an oil film forming along the flouro-silicone hoses which looks like it has happened as a result of either the BSH supplied plastic L-bends deforming and collapsing (tightening the clips just makes it worse), or due to the can filling so quickly it may be overfilling (despite emptying it once a week). Whenever the car runs hot (at idle in traffic), the idle will start to hunt quite badly and drops around 150rpm which I wouldn't expect if the fan had cut in.

    As the can itself has no window, it makes it even harder to see when it needs changing, and to be honest the S3 does not make life easy in terms of fitment as there is such limited space under the bonnet.

    I've already had to get Forge replace the BSH supplied hoses and manifold cap, so this is one of those cases where what appeared to be a bargain has become s source of annoyance and extra expense. I believe BSH have re-engineered their catch can system since I purchased this, and I e-mailed their Head Office twice about investigating more robust parts, but heard nothing on either occasion :sadlike:.

    In the end (as I've got an MoT due) I've had to get Forge involved to fabricate a system for this early 8P variant of S3 (2007).

    As I have the deep unit adaptive (turn with steering) bi-xenons (and the carbon canister), they are having to rework the brackets and change some of the mounting configurations to their existing FMMK5CTC kit.

    If you follow the link, the item in the top of the picture is having to be modified to fit onto the washer bottle mounting, and then they are setting up the rest of the kit as I type.

    As this work is conducted it hopefully means they will be able to quickly knock up templates for a new kit which will fit other 2006-7 Pre face lift 2.0TFSi S3's of the same spec.

    Forge have been fantastic as always in effectively mopping up someone else's mess, and despite having to drop by unannounced (not something I would ever usually risk as they're incredibly busy), they've bent over backwards to help me today, so a huge thumbs up to the guys.

    Also investing in a throttle body hose and a FMMKV1, and an FMRLH Intake return hose. The intake return hose seems to flatten with excessive heat particularly as mine seems to get crushed between the bonnet and the catch can hoses. I'm interested to see what the throttle body hose achieves, as I've noted a forum member on here (from Italy I think) said it made a surprisingly big difference, so fingers crossed.

    I won't be selling off the BSH; it's going to meet it's maker, but for any of those people who've been unable to buy a Forge Catch Can up until now due to the underbonnet limitations of placement, keep your eyes peeled in the forthcoming weeks for the new variant to fit models with adaptive bi-xenons and a carbon canister.
  2. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    good work warren, i am planning on gettin a catch can as i had one on my previous car and it was great! so i will definately go for a forge one now rather than BSH!
  3. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    From handling the two kits there is quite a difference in the quality of the engineering. No more cabin smells from leaks, and hopefully the car will now run a whole lot better (better, not quicker!).

    I'll give it a quick thrash on the way back to Berkshire, but is there likely to have been any negative side effects to running a 'leaking' catch can system?

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