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Broken Volume Jog

A3LX Jun 25, 2007

  1. A3LX

    A3LX New Member

    Help! Just bought a 98 A3 (i know this isn't impressive compared to most of the other audi's but I love it and as a poor student was all I could afford) with the factory fit radio/cassette/cd player. But when I start the car in the morning and try to change the volume it either goes to full blast or silent. However, it doesn't do this all the time just seems to be when I've not used it for a while.

    Can anyone advise me, is this a common problem? can I fix the volume control myself or is there somewhere near manchester I could take the car to?
  2. mephisto

    mephisto Member

    Oh dear well i have the same problem, tip if you put the heating on full blast on a warm sunny day it eventually sort of works for a bit :O

    Anyway mine has got worse...and so much so it seems to have blown up my sub whne it switched to full blast the other morning (i have 2000 S3 with BOSE system)

    So my question to all is can i replace with a newer style symphony head unit and how do i repair my sub is there a fuse that might of popped or should i just scrap it all and go for the custom sub for A3's ive seen someone on here selling?!!

  3. petewon

    petewon Member

    Its a common fault. Im sure I read Audi narrowly avoided a recall on them. I had the same prob on my old A3, bit seemed to sort itself out when the car warmed up though. Not realy sure if theres any fix for it.
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    the fix is too complicated and expensive to really be a fix i.e. new mucro controller, new ROM chip and reprogramming.
    The problem will only get worse as well. Starts out being temp dependent but will soon be pretty unuseable.
    Explanation is here:

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