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Broken rear door

dawidziukster Aug 17, 2009

  1. dawidziukster

    dawidziukster New Member

    I am thinking of buying Audi A4, B6 from 2002. The car I’m interested in has got problem with back doors, both sides. They don’t open. I hear parts clicking inside when operating the central lock, but handles, both inside and outside, don’t work at all.

    What could it be? How much could the repair cost? Is it something that I could repair myself?
  2. swine

    swine Member

    had same problem with one of my rear doors, i used the key fob and inside handle at the same and it opened, no problems since. then again the door locks could be knackered. mine showed up on vag com as faulty lock even though it seems fine now.

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