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Bristol Krispy Kreme meet Sunday May 29th @ 3pm BS2 0SP

Ash B May 8, 2011

  1. Ash B

    Ash B Well-Known Member

    There gonna be another KK meet 29/05/2011.
    Right its that time again another Bristol Krispy Kreme Meet :happy: Never went to the last one due to the rain but from what my mates told me and the photos there was a good turn out still!
    So expecting a bit more now the weather better and it staying lighter for longer.
    Every one meeting at 3:00pm and the post code is BS2 0SP
    Thread over on ED38 Bristol Krispy Kreme meet - Edition 38 Forums
    Most of the cars going will be in the vag range but will see the odd non vag cars making an appearance which is always good.
    Its a good day out with good cars and cool people.
    Just to give you a rough idea of how many cars there will be. Last time there was 35 of us from South Wales going. Thats not including any the english army :laugh: Well worth the travel and its just a relaxed atmosphere. Its not like the max power meets at all. And there never police there either.

    Get your names down for this meet and those donuts are not something to be missed:happy:
    If you dont fancy a donuts mcdonalds is right by there aswell.

    Closer to the date will send my number out so we can all meet up while we are down there and park together. If your coming with people local to you and want to park with them thats fine. The more Audi's the better :) Most of the time we are over run with VW and Seats. So get down there and represent Audi.

    Please add your name:

    1. Ash_B 8P A3
    2. JoeD 8L S3
    3. NattieS3 8L S3
    4. Dane 8L S3
    5. Welly 8L S3
    6. AARON77 8L A3
    7. VinceA3turbo 8L A3
    8. S3 D2 THY 8L S3

    50/50 List
    1. Fran 8P A3 (if back from MN in time)
    2. George (motox-collect) 8P A3 SB
    3. Mutsumi 8P S3 (one day I'll make it to a meet, honest!)
    4. Sean3794 8P A3

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