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brilliant black cleaning routine

sting3r Nov 5, 2011

  1. sting3r

    sting3r New Member

    Picking up my 58 plate brilliant black s line next week. Must admit i've never taken care of my car before, so what products do i need to get? From what i've been reading i need shampoo, some sort of wax, and possibly a sealant of some kind to use before winter? The paintwork is in very good condition and i want to keep it that way, so all advice would be welcome, especially from other owners of this colour!
  2. moag

    moag she's no d-turbo

    For cleaning you'll need shampoo and a decent wash mitt, use the two bucket method.

    Preferably apply a glaze such as poor boys black hole (contains fillers so will help to hide minor swirl marks)

    Then sealant or a wax to finish. Everyone has their own preference but I'd recommend
    Valentines Road and track
    Valentines concourse
    Dodo juice supernatural
    Or collinite 476s, which is cheaper however works well during winter

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