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Brembo Query

craig_007 Feb 7, 2007

  1. craig_007

    craig_007 Member

    Is it possible to use brembo four pots from an evo if i buy the correct carriers,this may well be a silly question but if i don't ask i'll never know ???
  2. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member

    I would suspect not.

    I think they are bigger calipers - certainly the piston sizes will be different. This will adversely affect the brake balance, ABS and ESP operation on our car.

    The Brembo TT / S3/ Leon kit is the GT Jr kit - uses a fairly modestly sized caliper unlike the bling overbraked and badly balanced porsche 993TT kits :)
  3. craig_007

    craig_007 Member

    I have just been offered a pair of Boxter S callipers with mounting brackets,the pads,dampers,anti rattle bars and pins etc are all there and complete,now the guy who is selling said he was intending running them with R32 front discs(mounting brackets are solid and have no tapping for caliper as of yet) The only part number i was given were the last 3 digits of the caliper :-425/426,does this mean anything to anyone ???
  4. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    The 425/426 means left and right, as I recall.

    I'd still be tempted to buy a properly engineered kit with matching piston to MS sizes...
    I suspect the Boxster S front callipers will be too large in that respect...with the rears better suited.

    I'd still fit the Brembo kit though...
  5. AndyM

    AndyM Member

    425 and 426 indicate left and right respectively

    996.351.425 & 996.351.426, Boxster S front callipers.

    Could be possible that those 3 digit part numbers are off another set of callipers but the boxster S P/No above seems most likely.
  6. Stewart

    Stewart Member

    Chris can you comment on your brembo setup (ECS Stage4?) and the comments on destroying the balance?

    Using an R32 setup at the moment with ECS disks and it was an enormous improvement on standard, literally night and day, however I can cook them on the track, the calipers are 2 pot sliders (not massively efficient in both performance and pad wear) and they are heavier than Brembos.

    I am looking at Coreys (quattronics) upgrade so that I can utilise my R32 disks ( i have a pair of standard spare also) which uses 996TT calipers...
  7. craig_007

    craig_007 Member

    Hi all,I'm back on the subject of brakes again !!!!! :lazy:
    I've bought Porsche 996 front calipers(as andy rightly pointed out 425/426) i got them for a good price including mounting brackets,i have infact been told to match them up with the Cupra R disc (323x28) i believe and DS 2500 pads,now my question is,the brackets are unmachined so basically i can still alter the mounting points yet,would you ....
    A.... Buy the Cupra R discs ??
    B.... Try and get your hands on a larger disc but keeping to the 28mm thickness,i assume going down this route would require the 2 piece setup though ??
    And lastly out of curiousity,what is the largest disc set up i can get for the 996 monoblock caliper ??
    Any advice again would be much appreciated
    Cheers Craig
  8. ChriS3

    ChriS3 hud at ye bam

    My brakes work wonderfully! I'm not going to elaborate in fear of my posts being altered or my post count reducing :(

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