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breather pipe

chink Jul 4, 2013

  1. chink

    chink New Member

    bought a honda s2000 are filter last week and last night I had time to fit it quite a simple job I thought.while I was doing this I un earthed some faults (not had the car long just sits in my garage) but the breather pipe on the rocker cover goes straight back into the tip.So under investigation realised its been taken off under the inlet manifold and left open, but rightly this should have a curved pipe with a black valve in im right, my mate works at tps so will order them on monday when hes back in work. just wondered what symptoms I would have got with this been like it was because engine was on, would it lose power? idle funny etc
  2. basil brush

    basil brush Active Member

    Hi , left open it will be a massive boost leak on turbo and a source of un metered air off boost so should have been causing all sorts of issues ! Mine had only split and caused random non starts , lack of power and terrible idle .
    check the rest of that crappy PCV system for perished / split hoses as you may as well sort any issues with one order

    baz :)
  3. Scullies

    Scullies Well-Known Member

    It the car was used for sometime with that breather plugged directly into the TIP from the valve cover, then you have probably got oil in the turbo compressor, intercooler system, TB and manifold

    Get a new "hockey puck" or simplify the PCV system and fit a catch can.

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