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Breather Hoses

tonybolony Mar 13, 2012

  1. tonybolony

    tonybolony Member

    Hi guys, i was trying to clean out my breather hoses on my S4, the ones that run of each side of the rocker, and there were brittle and one snapped, so i need to buy a replacement. Can anybody point me in the right direction please, i am in leeds
  2. audiv8quattro

    audiv8quattro Member

    Hi mate if your on about the plastic hoses with the sort of push ring clip thing then I had exactly same problem, email a couple of breakers on eBay they should have one. If not then it's a trip to Audi as motorfactors don't sell them, or at least ones near me don't.
  3. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    These are a modified part now from Audi. I went went to Audi for a quote and its £79 + VAT for the breather hose from both rockers upto the TB. It's made of a different material now to prevent brittleness and snapping.

    I just repaired mine with rubber hose over the two cracked places I had.

    Although my car is the 2.8 V6, I think the price above is the MIN you would be paying due to your car being an S4.
  4. audiv8quattro

    audiv8quattro Member

    Yeah I repaired mine at first with electrical tape the a bit of duct tape, it was fine all the time it was on there but decided to get a used one from a breaker just to be sure, but as dan said they are not cheap at all for what they are.

    HEKTOR Member

    If its the hose network behind and under the ypipe then thats known as the spider hose and can only be bought as one and from audi. It is also fairly expensive. One of the guys i know used his old spider hose as a template and used silicone hose to make a full new one and reused the end clips so it all fitted like stock. I will try and find the link with pictures.

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