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breather hose split... silicone?

Jordan1.8t Oct 25, 2010

  1. Jordan1.8t

    Jordan1.8t Member

    My breather hose has split!!! take no notice of the picture its just a random one i nicked off the internet so i could show i pipe i meant...


    can i get this in blue silicone?

    the little plastic pipe going into the bottom righthand side of it has split aswell, part number pleaseee?

    thanks alot
  2. Jordan1.8t

    Jordan1.8t Member

  3. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Cant help with the part number, but you should be able to get it in silicone no probs, have a look on ebay, or give Forge Motorsport a call, they are very helpful and maybe able to offer some advice on it.
  4. mulli01

    mulli01 Member

    i had some similar looking hoses replaced on mine about a month or so ago, don't have any part numbers with me (at work at the mo') but i might be able to find them once i'm back home, my engines a AMK code which isn't whats shown in the photo above but the hose are in a similar place and look similar, on my engine the hoses circled in the photo above/below go into what looks like a plastic hockey puck looking thing (i think its a one way valve but not 100% sure), might be the same on your engine?

    i had three hoses around that area replaced and the parts from Audi were around the £100 mark

    i can take a photo of my engine once i get home and show you the excat hoses i had changed and find the part numbers if there the same ones
  5. talentwalsh

    talentwalsh Member

    The broken plastic pipe is 06a 103 213 AK/ AF, well I think its the pipe your looking for anyway. Mine is the AK version but ive got an AMK so I think your looking for the AF.
    Here is a link for a silicone replacment that should work with your motor.
    Silicone PCV Valve Hose Kit VW Golf Mark IV 1.8T (Blue) - Autobahn88 ASHK130 - SWB00072 AutoXPAT.com - Online Auto Accessories and Auto Performance Parts Store Retail Shop, Auto Parts, Auto Accessories, Auto Electronics, Exterior, Interior, Performan
  6. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    why not just fit a catch can, this will rtemove most of the pipework that will most likely fail under the inlet manifold and clean up your intercooler sysstem by stopping oil intrusion

    search for catch can, theres a massive thread on here on the subject

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