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Breaking pre facelift A3 8L (AGU)

Powelly Jan 3, 2014

  1. Powelly

    Powelly Member

    **FOR SALE**
    A3 8l AGU pre facelift parts
    Headlights £25
    Front indicators £10
    Rear lights £25
    Gear selector unit £10
    Airbox with Maf sensor £30
    Starter Motor for 5 speed gearbox £25
    Front bumper with grille £100
    Boot lid with glass lock mech and wiper and motor £30
    Side mount intercooler £30
    Throttle Body Assembly £40

    slowly breaking the whole car this weekend and everything is there!
    All parts working when removed.
    More will be available in the next week let me know if there's anything you want and i will try to help!
    Thanks for looking!

    Parts dependent on size will be sent through parcelforce/palletways as soon as i get a chance and payment available through paypal, Collection also welcome!
  2. Eddie S3

    Eddie S3 Member

    Do you have an aftermarket hose from the charge pipe to turbo? (Red one)

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