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Breaking my heavily modified B5 S4 in Ming Blue

Blue_Thunder Nov 13, 2013

  1. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    No, I can't believe it either.... but the thread is finally here!  I will be taking multiple tools to my baby over the weekend and tearing her apart, as she's done to my heart for 7 long years.  Isn't she a beauty? - Think this was taken the weekend before GTI International - where incidentally, it was the 2nd fastest B5 of the weekend - beaten only by Grizz's 650bhp track car! ;-)[​IMG]A little history on the car for those who don't know her - She was born in Germany, back in October 1998.  She's had 3 previous owners.  I've had her for just over 7 years, back when she was an eager young pup at a barely broken in 78k.  Since then i've thrown more £000's than you can shake a stick at towards her, had some sleepless nights when the turbo fairy visited back in 2007, and again... in 2007 and what I thought was again in 2011 (but turned out the turbos were fine - after i'd spunked £800 on getting them refurbed after 10k mile!) and most importantly... I've spent many hours, weeks and days researching (ok - trawling these forums) all the 'must have' parts that YOU NEED! :lol:She has literally clicked over 125k the other week.  Cosmetically she is a little rough around the edges, the friction plate on the clutch is going after 15k (thanks Launch Control/Flat Shift! :lol:) and the rear diff is whining.  So after two stays of execution, we find ourselves here - The only logical conclusion to the journey of Blue Thunder.  A little known fact - Blue Thunder is also known as 'Trigger's Broom' (17 new heads and 14 new handles, but it's still the same broom!).  This is largely in part because virtually everything has been replaced in my ownership.  I'm hardly exaggerating! :cry:It's had all new suspension arms, suspension, brakes, interior, bushes, brake lines, fuel lines, oil/water lines, ALL the sensors, DIS repair, windscreens (don't ask), loads of facelifted items, lots and lots of maintenance bits (even when they've not needed done - eg: see turbo story!) and of course... lots of things to give me godlike POWER on the roads!!!!So, to get the ball rolling, here are all 'the big bits' for sale that should appeal to the SRS Massive - 'BIG PARTS' FOR SALEOFFERS Engine block, heads, etc. - 125k (Cambelt done at 105k Aug 2011)OFFERS 2 S4 Gearbox's - both with common sticky 1-2.  Maybe centre diffs are of use to someone doing 4:1 mod£700 RS4 Black Recaros + heated seat loom + PFL heat controls + armrest£550 RS4 B7 Front Brakes - slight disc judder (still 32mm thick) - still meat on pads£550 RS4 Y-pipe+hoses/Airbox/MAF/710N's + silicon accordian and y-pipe/tips£400 APR Bipipe with Devilsown Mater/Meth kit (injectors tapped into bipipe)£350 Bilstein B12 kit £250 H&R ARBS (19mm rear) + Hotchkis Reinforcement Brackets£200 Fidanza LWFW

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