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Breaking in new engine.

limbo118118 Apr 20, 2014

  1. limbo118118

    limbo118118 LORD

    this sound correct? this is how im thinking of running in my engine...

    N75 Disconnected. using Millers 10W40 Running In Oil

    20mile oil change and filter
    +50 mile oil change and filter

    then after those 70 ish miles start using a a cheap 5w40 fully synth oil

    +150mile oil change and filter
    +250 mile oil change and filter

    then once i hit 500 mile use quantum 5w40 fully synth from there onwards!? :)

    Start from cold, run around the block a few times until coolant reached 90c, back to house and checked for leaks.

    Then, avoiding idling, constant speeds, constant load as much as possible. Once on the more open roads, i started a series of controlled pulls in third gear, from ~1500rpm to 4000rpm, at 50% throttle, then lifting off and allowing the engine to coast back down (clutch still engaged). Over approx 10 miles i steadily increased this until i was doing 2000-6000rpm at 100% throttle, again lifting and letting the engine coast back down thru the RPM's, and driving for a few minutes steadily but avoiding constant load between pulls.

    After a total of about 30miles i was back home.

    Drained/refilled the oil and fitted new filter.

    Then i drove the car normally, although i still tried to avoid constant load (ie motorway) for the first 500miles or so. When i did have to use the motorway i constantly varied my speed between 60 and 80 so the engine was seeing different loadings all the time.

    That first 25miles is crucial, you need load to get the rings bed in, and the overrun at high RPMs helps scavenge all the debris out the cylinders. Drive it like a granny during this period and the rings wont properly bed in, you'll end up with poor sealing, and a limp engine.

    any help would be appricted!

    - would it not be best to go through the gears more when running in? rather than mainly 3rd? first 20mile i mean..

    - also should i be going up to 100% thorttle within first 20 mile? or just keep at 50%

    thankyou for any info! i copied some of the information from a previous post on here. james.

  2. LynxE

    LynxE Member

    Wow, new car drivers must hate the hassle
  3. daz-20vt

    daz-20vt Well-Known Member

    Lol. I did 150 mile change and 500 mile change. Cant remember the oil grades sorry. Was told not to drive like a granny but not to go flat out. Put a bit of load on it. Im not mrchanically minded myself so thats the info i was given to me.
  4. daz-20vt

    daz-20vt Well-Known Member

    Great answer
    I recently bought a brand new car for the mrs and they said just go out and drive it. I dont even think theres an early first service. No sure why we must do all these things after fitting rods and rings etc.
    Hopefully someone will let us know!
  5. s3mad_dude

    s3mad_dude Noggies ruuuule!

    My mate bought a new S3 and was told there is no running in procedure for modern engines. They said don't rag it, just drive normally and put some load on it. Up to 4000ish is totally fine. Your running in method sounds very thorough but not sure if it needs to be that in depth. However, I'm no expert....just common sense based on my knowledge and hearsay. Good luck with it :)
  6. hoffmanvp3

    hoffmanvp3 Active Member

    Basically if the engines been rebuilt but the gearbox is old then run the engine in hard to get the Compression rings to seat correctly during the first 50 miles, this stage is critical or the rings wont seat correctly or not evenly then the engine will consume oil.
    As for the oil the cheapest 10W40 semi you can find, like comma or something will do for the first 500 miles minimum.
    Some people recommend mineral oil but I'm skeptical about this as the turbo charger may not agree with this but a cheap semi oil is close to mineral anyway.
    new oil and filter at the start, obviously
    new oil and filter @ 50, 100, 250, 500 miles then what ever you like after then barring in mind its fully synthetic 5W30/5W40.
    Most new cars get a oil and filter change at 5k and they last at least 100k+ so you should be fine.
    Bikes are a little different, running tighter tolerances thus needing more frequent oil and filter changes and first service is usually around the 500 miles mark.

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