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Breaking a4 2.5 tdi auto All parts available

adamss24 Nov 16, 2013

  1. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Breaking b5 audi a4 saloon, FWD auto/tiptronic gearbox, Xenon headlights, double DIN, heated leather seats, 4x electric windows, towbar, Bose sound system, Simphony stereo and much more. Very high spec all parts availble:
    turbo £150
    auto gearbox working fine £200
    AFB engine in great order only 100k £400 collected
    4x alloy wheels with 2 new tyres £150 collected
    double DIN cage with Simphony stereo £150
    full cream leather interior/heated leather £150
    ABS pump £50
    3 spoke steering wheel with shift controls £50
    facelift bumper with pop up washers/fogs £100
    Xenon headlights £150
    towbar £20
    rear bumper £20
    Bose amplifier £20
    Bose speakers all 4 £50
    Dash with code half DIS £30
    vp44 injector pump £150
    Alternator £20
    Starter £20
  2. krunz

    krunz New Member

    hey mate you still got the cream interior and would it fit a 2002 a4 saloon??

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