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Break light question

Bingo27 Apr 8, 2009

  1. Bingo27

    Bingo27 New Member

    Hi all. My left brake has stopped working, rather than pay someone to fix it, in the interest of the credit crunch I've bought the correct bulb (35p) from euro car parts, and going to fix it myself.
    Is this an easy job? Any advice is appreciated.

  2. edition

    edition Active Member

    Amazing how many people have breaks on their cars.....

    Read the owners manual is describes it in there. Its easy enough.
  3. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    Easy as pie

    There is a screw at the back of the light located inside the boot - use a flat head screw driver to remove but be carefull it does not fall off as it can be lost in behind the trim and you will have to remove pieces to find it!

    Once the screw is out there are two lugs that the light is held in by, you just have to wiggle at the light to get it out

    From there its self explanitory and easy to do!
  4. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Any local garage has bulbs, even ASDA and tesco stock them now. Mine was 49p! I was annoyed because mine went so i bought one, week later, the other side went so had to go back for another!!

    I reckon its 10 mins to do from start to finish, theres loads of thread on the bolt, stupidly over engineered just to hold the light in!

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