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BRD engine replacement Drive+Cambelt failure

Chriskarl22 Mar 11, 2014

  1. Chriskarl22

    Chriskarl22 New Member

    Hi all, so on my way home down the m62 last thursday my 57 plate a4 pd 170 (BRD) cuts out and turns out auxiliary belt tensioner has gone shredded the belt which in turn wrapped round the cam belt and has made it slip to the point the engine cut out...whether or not it has been enough to negate valve clearance i do not know. Its currently in getting a new belt fitted and timed to see if it runs, should the worst have occured and the engine is ruined i would rather just replace the block than rebuild and potentially have to replace conrods, pistons, cylinder head and valves. My question is which 2.0 tdi engines blocks are direct replacements and compatible with my injectors/ancilleries with no modification as BRD's seem to be far more expensive than say some golf GT tdi 170 blocks, i has assumed they where identical? And should i end up with one with the famed oil pump issue can i simply swap my one which apparently has the later revised pump? Thanks to anyone who can help me

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