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bravia pixely

jimmy77 Dec 11, 2010

  1. jimmy77

    jimmy77 Member

    ive got a sony bravia tv which on dvd's the picture is mint but on sky its very very poor, i mean poor as in say your watching a dark film like saw the picture is good until theres lots of dark stuff and the dark stuff goes all pixely, as in the tv cant be ***** to make the detail in the darks so it just turns into big dark squares, but in that picture the faces etc are fine just dark bits are pants!! ive tried some settings on sky and tv and they seem to be ok (1080p) any ideas? we did have hd but not now but this shouldn't make this difference as my old toshiba picture frame2 tv was mint on everything!! could it be the sky dish is not 100% set up correctly?
  2. antmax7

    antmax7 Member

    i also have a Sony bravia and when watching bluray films it is awesome but general TV its not the best to be honest
  3. chancer

    chancer Member

    That's how SD Sky works (all SD to be fair). The focal point of the picture will be good. The background does not contain the detail and looks pixelated. It saves bandwidth and money. Transmitting at a higher bit rate would improve the situation but uses more bandwidth and costs more money. In HD the situation is very much improved. Sky does not do 1080P only 1080i and you would need SKYHD for that. Basically SKY SD is rubbish quality.
  4. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    I've seen the same thing on a few LCD's including a Sony and i wasnt impressed in the slightest. I went for a Panasonic Plasma in the end, because it looks bloody awesome in comparison.

    I know you said you dont have HD any more, but are you using a Sky HD box, or a normal one? The Sky HD box does a pretty good job of upscaling SD material from what i've seen, although i'm not sure if it will do the upscaling without a HD subscription, i'd imagine it will.

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