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Brand New Parking Sensors for sale

Jetset Jun 25, 2012

  1. Jetset

    Jetset Member

    A few months ago I purchased a set of colour coded parking sensors from an ebay shop for the wife's A4. They are from the colour smart seller. Anyway she decided she had got used to parking it and we havn't put them on so they are surplus to requirements. They are ready sprayed in Audi Ice Silver and havn't been out of the box, they also come with the instructions, hole cutter etc.

    There is also a spare set of the sensors with wires (not control box) which are in a vw silver which I will throw in as spares. These came wrong as the VW and Audi colour codes are slightly different which was my mistake when I ordered them.

    They are currently for sale on ebay for £50 plus I paid £20 for the set of sensors I had to get sprayed in the Audi colour, I will take £35 for the lot inc P & P to a fellow Audi Sport owner.

    Please message me if your interested.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2012

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