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Brand new 2.0T S Line

thebluebus Aug 15, 2007

  1. thebluebus

    thebluebus forced to complain

    I just wanted to comment on this car, to give a non-owners opinion, as the stealers have given me one as a loan car while they fiddle with my A6 avant.

    I had an A4 avant a few years ago, a 2000MY, so it was interesting to me to see how the car has changed since. And my first thought was how pokey the cabin seems. I know I'm used to an A6 now, but I would've expected a little bit more room as this one seems quite claustrophobic.

    Doesn't seem to be much kit on it either - don't know what you get standard with the S Line spec, but doesn't seem to have any driver's information displayable other than Distance to Empty. Steering wheel stereo controls and uprated audio (I think) are nice though.

    This one only has 2000 miles on it, but my main impression of the car is that it's very quick. I really wasn't expecting this much difference between a 2.0T and my old 1.8TQ (180). Blimey.

    Makes me ponder getting my old bus remapped up to 195bhp or so.

    On the whole it's a nice little thing, this S Line. But it doesn't feel very special.

    No offence intended with anything, but feel free to pull out the flames..:salute:
  2. landylout

    landylout New Member

    A4 Avant pokey , nahhh never

    I have a 2006 s line avant , and it is the best motor i have ever had great performance exellent ride great seats .if need the rear seats fold down ,and last week i had a patio table 8 plastic chairs a barbeque and a petrol strimmer in the back all at once ......thing is like a tardis if you know how to use it .Thoug it still looks sporty and aggressive :eyebrows: .Dont think i would have one that was not an s line though ,big difference between them .
  3. thebluebus

    thebluebus forced to complain

    Oh no doubt, it's a decent boot.

    But the cabin, the bit where you sit to drive the thing - that's what I thought was tight on space.
  4. mjsewell

    mjsewell Member

    Try sitting in my VX220 if you wan't to experience lack of space! Getting into my A4 feels like I'm sat in the lounge at home in comparison.

    The fact is, your A6 would probably feel cramped if you'd just come out of an A8. Just like the A3 feels more cramped than the A4.
  5. thebluebus

    thebluebus forced to complain

    Now you're just being sensible! ;)

    I've always imagined the A3 would have similar driver space to the A4.
  6. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    I have a B6 A4 saloon where 'I' feel the main problem is rear passenger leg space, especially with a child seat. My son likes to use the back of the passenger seat as a foot rest!! Although whenever I adjust the seat to provide more room, my passengers tend to say they already had enough space...Totally against a people carrier, we still manage to get 4 adults and my son in the car pretty comfortably.

    But it is interesting to read this because, I would like an A6, but due to cost am currently considering going for the B7 Avant 2.0T purely for the upgraded engine and flexibility of the boot. Soon my son will have a new seat and the legspace won't be so much of an issue.

    But going onto the A3, my wife was originally looking at one to replace her car, but we couldn't help but notice how much less space there was in the back...Decided to run her existing car into the ground.

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