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Braking MK4 R32 with extras

Discussion in 'Classifieds Discussion Area' started by dannyh, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. dannyh

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    Jul 4, 2009
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    [Mar 29, 2012]
    Braking MK4 R32 with extras

    Ok guys i am reposting this for a friend, he is braking his golf R32 due to the fact that he has put so much money into it that to sell it he won’t get as much for it as if he broke it,
    I have pinched this add from R32 OC to check this link for a more up-to-date list, i will try and update this list.
    If you want something that not on the list or want to ask a question about anything else just drop me a PM and I’ll get back to you ASAP
    Or if you have seen Sandips S32 and want your own the engine is also for sale ;)

    I have pinched this from R32 OC
    1. As some of you may or may not know my car has been having some gearbox problems over the last 12 months and I have seriously fallen out of love with it, i have spent a small fortune so far as you can see from the list underneath. hoping to recoup some money as selling the car running would take too long and probably wouldnt get a quarter of what i have spent.
      this isnt a definate yet as i have not got the car back but this is what i may have up for sale by the end of next week and im just guaging interest getting advice on prices if they seem fair etc (hope this is ok paulie as when i come to sell stuff i will start a proper thread with pics containing user/date as i take them off the car)
      would like to offer things out to the OC before listing on other Forums so i have the following

      Engine inc. Clocks, 2 Keys, Loom, ECU etc (no pullys) £2000
      R32 Seats re-trimmed with grey leather, Inc Door Cards, and Centre Metal Trim
      Steering Wheel, Dash, Gearknob/Gaitor and Peddels £1800
      R32 Rear Bumper £250
      Replica R32 Front Bumper (Track Spec lol) £80
      Mk4 Xenon Headlights inc Balast £450

      RS4 Front Brake calipers inc discs pads and carriers for mk4 Custom bells(5x100) £700

      R32 Rear discs Drilled Tarox RRP £192 £105
      R32 Rear Tarox Corsa Pads RRP £55 £30
      Milltek Cats RRP £735 £450
      Milltek Cat back (non res) RRP £550 £350
      Blue Haldex RRP £780 £590
      AP Coilovers RRP £430 £290
      UniBrace RRP £300 £200
      Awesome Adjustable Tiearms RRP £190 £100
      Neuspeed Front ARB RRP £160 £100
      Neuspeed Rear ARB RRP £160 £100

      Hella Magicolour Rear RCCR lights RRP £160 £80
      CompBrake Top Mounts RRP £198 £100
      42 Draft Shifter Bushes RRP £25 £10
      Peloquin TBD inc Final Drive RRP £855 £550
      Neuspeed Strut Brace RRP£117 £70
      Neuspeed Power Pulley RRP£168 £100
      Forge Adjustable Quick Shift RRP £75 £45
      Forge Adjustable Side Short Shift RRP £55 £30
      Newsouth Indigo Volts Brand New RRP £60 £45
      Newsouth Indigo Oil Pressure Brand New RRP £75 £55
      Newsouth Indigo Oil Temperature Brand New RRP £75 £55
      Vibra-Tech Engine Mounts (Compatition) RRP £475 £380

      these are the main parts i have uprated, also any parts just ask like little sensors brackets clips switches aerowipers etc can be removed just send me a PM with what you need/offers [​IMG]

      prices are cash on collection if shipping is required i can get a price or you can sort courier and will work on first come first serve.


      first dibs
      alexmac - Catback
      lee_shep - Tie Arms, Front and Rear ARB's
      Bailey12856 - UniBrace, 42 Draft Shifter Bushes, Neuspeed Power Pulley, Front and rear Windows
      Steff - Dash brightness adjusting switch, Rear headlamp auto leveler, Lower centre console (if not damaged and is black), Parcel shelf mounts, The boot courtesy light with the connector
      LoonyR RS4 Brakes
      SieB Forge Adjustable Quick Shift
      Quattro Bajeena Side Skirts
    Link to the thread - R.I.P W17ANT..... Breaking R32 MK4 (with lots of goodies) Feeler
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    [Mar 29, 2012]
    :( bad times bro

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