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Brakes pad /oil pressure - confuse need help

jaceyq Aug 8, 2010

  1. jaceyq

    jaceyq Member

    Hi guys , need some vital information as I have done some research my self. My car have been park up for about 2 weeks with been driven . Yesterday start it up and was moving off suddenly the brakes pad worn symbol came up. So I click the check button as under the symbol it saying oil pressure but in the manual and internet the sign shwoing brakes pad worn . So I guess the working is wrong under the symbol. Phone my local audi dealers they said if that sign comes up it is brakes pad . For oil will be a red sign with a red background....
    Next I don't think my pads are worn as the car don't be driven that much . Is that my battery life is getting low , or is that the car been park up and corrison built up on the pads causing it to give offf fault Reading or is it a faulty sensor..
    Some please give me some info if it happen to you let me know what u down to rectify the problem.

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