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Brakes and Xenon washer technical help required!!

gnic13 Jan 13, 2010

  1. gnic13

    gnic13 Audi S3 8V

    Hi Folks,

    I am looking to change the front/back brake discs and pads on my S3...Stdrd car so just looking for any info if anyone else has done the same with regards to make/distributer etc..Audi std part is all Teves but i find these hard to track down online..Has anyone used Delphi Lockheed for this??
    I also have had an issue with the xenon headlight washer units..On both sides, one of the small jet heads (bulb like thing where water is directed through) has popped off and the water just goes everywhere!
    Can you just replace the part that is missing or do you need to replace the whole unit?? (Audi claim the whole unit for £75 a shot! )


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