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Brakes A3 2002 1.8T eurocarparts questions

MingeBlue Sep 24, 2012

  1. MingeBlue

    MingeBlue Member

    Hi, I have a 2002 A3 1.8T sport, I need to replace front and rear discs and pads, I was looking at www.eurocarparts.com this morning for something else when I noticed its 31% off till the 30th Sept so I might as well get the parts now, but Im a bit confused on the front disks and pads I should get, questions are,

    1. They seem do two makes Pagid and Eicher which are the best to go for ?

    2. Each brand seems to have 2 different front disks for example Pagid has this one at £34.20 Pagid Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer and then this one at £40.20 Pagid Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer . What is the difference is it just quality ? Would either fit my car ?

    3. The front brake pads seems to come in 2 flavours one with an 'intergrated wear sensor' these appear to have a wire connector hanging off them Eicher Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer or others that say 'Excl wear warning contact' these are a bit cheaper Eicher Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer . Not sure what to order, my car should have that break pad warning light so do I need the pads with a wire hanging off ?

    4. Do I need to match up the disk and pads, by that I mean should a disc of size X have pads of size that fit this disk ?

    5. Is there any other bits I need to get like clips etc, it mentions to make sure I have them just in case ?

    thanks ​
  2. Squirrelofdoom

    Squirrelofdoom Member

    Hi mate,

    1) Pagid are the ones supplied as standard I believe. Other members, feel free to correct me

    2) More expensive ones are larger diameter. As far as fitting your car, it depends if you've changes brakes/wheels etc at all?

    3) S3's use the front wear sensor as standard, so go for the ones with the wear sensor

    4) Not sure what you mean by this, but the pads listed for the S3 will be a standard size - and it's the caliper that would dictate pad size, not the brakes themselves. Either way, it looks like you're not messing around with the setup at all, so don't worry about it, won't be a problem

    5) Clips etc you will have on your car already - you won't need anything other than discs and pads. Are you fitting them yourselves?

    Also, check out this thread - lots of info on there.


  3. MingeBlue

    MingeBlue Member

    Cheers Aran,

    No not fitting myself going to get the garage to do it but I wanted to get the parts as 31% off at eurocarparts at the moment, the garage is also going to do the cambelt so will cut them some slack and let them get the parts for that and add there markup :)

    Regarding the questions, I've got the 17inch five star alloys that were an Audi fitted option so assume the bigger diameter ones I need ? I didnt realise it was the calipers that dictatedthe pad size but I suppose its obvious now you pointed it out, I've never messed around with the brakes myself before probably best I dont :)
  4. S3Zek

    S3Zek Member

    If you want to throw this in to the mix I have some s3 callipers for sale if you would like to go a bit bigger if you need to get new disks and pads...... Pm me if so

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