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brake warning light

gas-man Jun 23, 2012

  1. gas-man

    gas-man Member

    seem to have a intermitent fault light coming on
    every now and then the red warning brake light with a couple of warning bleeps
    happens when starting the 2005 2.0tdi then it goes out
    its been into the dealers on tuesday
    and they say my pads are fine and they cant find anything wrong but its a bit worrying
    its happen about 3 times today can anyone help as anybody had the same thing happen
    be grateful if anyone can throw some light on this
  2. Richardesty

    Richardesty loves quattro

    Have you/did they check the brake fluid level?
  3. gas-man

    gas-man Member

    hi thanks for your help
    yes i have checked the fluid at first the yellow low brake pads light was coming on
    then it started with the red warning light so i booked it in to have the pads done
    at the dealers £120.00 but they phoned me and said they could,nt find anything wrong with the brakes
    they did,nt charge anything but i,m no the wiser
    i suppose i could re- book into the dealers but i feel a bit stupid
  4. ukdan

    ukdan Member

    I would check if there is a lip on the discs. It seems to cut into the wear indicator wires once the discs get to a certain level of wear.
  5. gas-man

    gas-man Member


    cheers dan
    i will have the wheels off today and check that

    if not i think i might just have the pads done and see how it goes then

    will post my findings, it might help somebody else in the future

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