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Brake upgrade/ conversion 1998 A6

joedredd Jan 17, 2010

  1. joedredd

    joedredd 2006 A6 S line 3.0tdi Quattro Avant VCDS Map User

    Hi all

    Can anyone tell me what parts I need to carry out the 312mm conversion on my A6 ?? I have read on here about porsche, cupra brake systems being used, but unsure what bits are needed to carry this out??

    I am a total novice to this but willing to give it a go :happy:
  2. bit of a resurection this but I see you have done the 312mm upgrade, has my 2001my quattro already got the 312's? or have i got to get the wheel off and measure?

    Not overly impressed with my brakes and they are fairly new (all Euro Car Parts bits by previous owner)
    if i've already got the bigger disks/callipers i think i'll have to try EBC greenstuff or OEM pads from Audi.
    Any tips for an A6 owner coz if you don't have an S3 there doesn't seem to be much info out there:ninja:
  3. joedredd

    joedredd 2006 A6 S line 3.0tdi Quattro Avant VCDS Map User

    TBH I think you already have 312mm disks, just double check with your chassis number to make sure. As always you pay what you get, if the previous owner fitted the cheapest parts than possible for the poor performance. One thing you can do relatively cheaply is to replace the brake fluid and see if that does the trick (it should be done every 2 yrs). After you have done that then the only other choice is too replace the discs/ pads with something more efficent. I have had good results using Brembo discs & Pagid pads, most of my driving is around town so not thrashing the car all the time. Dont bother with the greenstuff not worth the extra money compared to Pagids.
  4. First thing i did was change the brake fluid after i got massive fade down hill after an overtake, to be fair what came out was clean (couldn't tell how much water had been absorbed) but it make neglible difference.
    Reading FJ12's brake pad test i thought greenstuff did ok as did OEM so will come down to price comparison i guess)
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Got the above info from Elsawin:ninja: looked at my equipment codes and i have 1LT & 1KD so 312x25 front discs - any idea what the 321x30's were on? worth upgrading?

    Ps i have 18" alloys on at them moment but soon swapping back to standard 16" with winter tyres
  7. Just found out that both front brake hoses were 'slightly deteriorated' on the advisory notice on the last mot (before i had car), wonder if this could be contributing to the lack of pedal feel / hard pedal?

    are braided hoses available as an upgrade?

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