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Brake problems, anyone help?

Marko Sep 11, 2007

  1. Marko

    Marko Member


    Can anyone help please!!!!!!! before I go mad!

    My problems still continue with brakes. Having replaced the front with discs and pads with just new pads on the rear, I have been experiencing higher temperatures on the offside front disc and caliper. EBC discs with Greenstuff pads.

    I have stripped the brakes twice since, checked all surfaces are clean where the stub axle and disc meet, and bled the system.

    I gave up and took it to a brakes specialist. They found that the caliper was not releasing fully (the piston was not returning correctly). I tested this myself but didn't think the disc was overly grabbing. Anyway, they changed the caliper and tested the disc for runout. It is slightly out but within tolerance. The guy said that the slight temperature difference may well bed in. It's no different now than it was when I took the car in.

    I've just given it a run and the offside caliper was almost too hot to touch and the near side was hot but bareable. The rear disc were very hot too, never have they been so good since using EBC.

    Will the better pads and discs cause more heat? Is the uneven heat on the front due to bedding in? I've done a steady 350 miles since fitting and am starting to brake harder now.

    Any thoughts most appreciated? I've posted this on a few Audi sites as I'm hoping to find some answers...

  2. angryant

    angryant Member VCDS Map User

    Hi Marko,
    I would try, if they are interchangable, swapping over the discs.
    If the disc run out is the cause then this would transfer the problem from the offside to the near side, then claim for a new disc!
    Other than that maybe a tight/ worn wheel bearing on the way out, contributing to the heat build up on that side.
    Best of luck getting this resolved :think:
  3. Marko

    Marko Member

    Hi Angryant,

    Thanks for the reply. That's a good suggestion, just means more fiddling.. I've had a gut full to be honest but worth a go to truly rule out/in that the disc is at fault!



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