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Brake Problem

Marko Aug 13, 2007

  1. Marko

    Marko Member

    I've just replaced pads all round and new discs on the front, rears work ok. I got EBC greenstuff pads and discs, allbeit the standard vented disc. I also bled each wheel caliper using a Gunson eezibleed kit, with which I was very impressed.

    Now, all seems to have been fine, more bite immediately. Having been on a longer run tonight I checked the temps of all the discs (just to make sure all was ok). The wheel and disc is hotter on the offside front and near side rear wheel. To prove this there is more brake dust on the front wheel that was hotter than the other. I jacked the car up and tested all wheels for free movement; the left rear is slightly stiffer than the right rear, but nothing to cause heat build up. Could this cause that wheel to brake harder thus the front right compensating?

    What's bothered me is that the discs are opposite sides front and rear, and I know they work like this, duel brake system I think? I can't see how what I've done could cause this... is this common on braking in new pads and discs? Some time ago I had a servo that had seized and was causing a similar problem (opposite front and rears sticking) only it was the nears side front and offside rear. The servo is fine and as I said the calipers are free.

    I bled the brakes as I did each wheel, both fronts, near side first, then the rears. This isn't brake sequence so did them again starting with the rear left, rear right then left front right front. Pressed the brakes pedal a few times too whilst bleeding. Brakes seem even firmer but still hotter on the right front and left rear.

    Any thought on this are most appreciated. Sorry it's a dissertation!

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