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Brake Pads.

PaulJC84 Jan 24, 2006

  1. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    Just wondering what pads you guys use as mine will no doubt be due for renewal in the next few months, so i thought i may as well do some research before its too late.

    I have mintex pads just now and they seem alright but some of you may have found something better.

  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    I like the OEM ones TBH, they seem to balance performance againg dust quite well, tho i don't have as much power as you, so fade doesnt present a problem
  3. Phantom_A4

    Phantom_A4 Member

    Currently using the tar.ox corsa plus pads and they have prooven to be pretty good, work well from cold. Also braking from a 100+ isnt a problem, using tar.ox g88 discs and there doesnt seem to be any fade!
  4. Stringster

    Stringster Missed gear

    Always favoured the PAGID fast road pads on my last car, so looking to fit these soon to my A4.
  5. deemde

    deemde Member

    You may have heard of the problems with the front discs on 90 20v Qs and S2s. Grunch, grunch, grunch and all over the road braking. I actually got Mintex to make me some special pads (they cost a fortune approx £120 ten years ago). As luck would have it EBC 'Green Stuff' pads came onto the market at that time and I fitted a set. The change was dramatic, and gave me full confidence in the braking of the car. Later I fitted Brembo cross drilled discs, front and rear, to give the car the brakes it deserved, and needed.
    I have been driving for longer than I care to admit (I used to rally Escorts and then Saabs back in the 1960s and 1970s) and have tried all sorts of pad and disc combinations. At the moment most of my cars (Mk I GTI, Mk II GTI, 100 Avant, VR6) all utilise 'Green Stuff' combined with ATE Grooved Discs. The only car not with this combination is the 90 20v Q. This has Brembo calipers, discs and pads, front and rear (RS2 rear discs).
  6. JayB5UK

    JayB5UK Member

    I had knackered brakes on the front of mine when I bought it, pads were still quite meaty but the discs were warped, they were less than a year old and I found a receipt from good old Kwik Fit!

    I replaced mine with stuff from German & Swedish - after chatting with a bloke there I went for German-made Zimmerman discs, which are cross drilled and the Pagid Fast road pads.

    I have to say i'm more than happy with the set-up, nice bite from cold and when they get warm they keep getting better. Plus they only came in at about £120 odd, not bad considering Audi stealership quoted £65 for pads alone!

    Hope this helps.
  7. tubtub

    tubtub Member

    Here's another vote for Pagid Fast Road pads, they out-performed everything else on nine Golf GTIs and my current two A4s.

    Drilled discs are worth the extra, Tar-OX, Brembo or Black Diamond - there's not much to choose between them other than price.
  8. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad

    When acquired a few months ago the front discs on my A4 seemed well past their best , was utterly shocked when I took a micrometer to them and discovered that despite a wear limit of 25 mm they were a mere 22mm thick.......
    Went down standard route and found that my local VW dealer was able to give a very competitive quote compared to local GSF (taking into account fuel getting to GSF etc).
    Paid £92 (inc vat) for 2 genuine front vented discs and a set of genuine pads.Pads are actually Textar items and braking has been transformed from how they were before.
    If you want parts for an A4 its amazing how much is shared with the Passat, I rarely visit an Audi dealer now, except to buy Audi-only items.
    The rest of the time I save money by getting bits for my Passat /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif from VW........


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