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Brake Pad carriers

hardhitter Feb 8, 2010

  1. hardhitter

    hardhitter Member

    On my 1.8 TQS...
    I found out the o/s brake pad carrier is badly worn where the pads sit, causing them to rattle. I'm looking at getting a replacement or a pair, but are the 288mm brakes fitted to any other cars like the passat ? Only it's looking like a scrap yard or breakers trawl and they need to be in good cond.. Would it be easier to find the 312mm carriers, as I need discs and pads anyway ?

  2. phoenixv6quattro

    phoenixv6quattro staylowmovefast

    Hello mate. 312 Carriers are hard to find used and when you do find them they usually go for £50-90 (a pair went on fleabay last week for £92 and they were rusty as hell)......If you are doing your discs and pads anyway, it's obviously your choice if you go 312mm. You will need B6 discs with these (obviously!) but the cost dosn't differ much at all opposed to the 288mm discs. I have had the 312mm setup and removed them to sell them to a mate for beer tokens. There are PLENTY of bods who disagree with me(we all had the 288 vs 312 discussion a few months back) in saying a re-worked 100% 288mm setup with Brembo discs and good pads is 100% good enough for my car (a heavy v6!). I'm not sure if the 288mm carriers are used on the Passats etc, but hazard a guess they are. Cost wise, if you upgraded to 312mm it would only be marginally more expensive than re-working your current 288 set-up.
  3. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    I've got a set of 288 carriers in the garage, drop me a PM if your interested.
  4. hardhitter

    hardhitter Member


    Are the 312mm carriers the same ones you see crop up on ebay, for the A3, Mk4 golf etc ?

    PM sent aragorn :thumbsup:

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