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Brake Lights Stuck On!!!!

mel_man May 11, 2011

  1. mel_man

    mel_man New Member

    Hi all,
    I got home from work today and as i got out the car and began to walk off I noticed the brake lights were still on! First thoughts were the brake light switch was sticking so I pulled the fuse to turn them off over night so as not to kill the battery and thought id sort it at work in the morning!
    Went back to my car a minute ago and put the fuse back in, brake lights not on (ignition on), pushed the pedal a few times and the brake lights operate as normal!
    Anyone had any issues like this? If no ones got any better ideas I might get a brake light switch for a quick swap should it happen again... agreed?????
    Thanks everyone!
  2. MURRAYS444

    MURRAYS444 Member

    Im pretty sure its the brake pedal sensor and the part is about £25 I have the same problem but haven't bothered getting it fixed!
  3. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

    Change the switch on the pedal.

    I had to do mine not long ago and its easy. Although Euro listed 4 switches for mine so I had to buy them all and return the 3 that werent needed.

    Its easy to do, although you do have to take the lower part of the dash off under the steering wheel but once thats off its not hard to change the switch. Just DO NOT PRESS THE SWITCH IN BEFORE FITTING IT.
  4. stu_b

    stu_b Member

    which fuse did you pull ive just noticed the same thing with mine! had it stick on since?

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