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brake lights issue

dares_uk Apr 12, 2009

  1. dares_uk

    dares_uk Member

    ok, 99 S3,

    had one brake light out the other day,
    tried changing bulb, couldnt quite get to it,

    tried again today with a mate, he managed it,
    new bulb, test, didnt work, checked/noticed otherside not working either now, was 1st time.
    center brake lighjt is working,

    checked fuse no. 13 (brake lights) and that was ok,

    also, drivers side window switch seems to have stopped working/works randomly, easy/exspensive to change?

    any ideas??

    cheers :p
  2. thorsy22

    thorsy22 Member

    Brake light switch on the brake pedal. Bout an £8 part from Audi. Easy to do
  3. dstructiv

    dstructiv Member

    yeh sounds like brake light switch, i did mine the other day £8.42 funny thing is it made my glow plug light flash which confused the hell out of me and im a mechanic lol
    on my invoice iv got part number P A1C0 945 511 AR DW
    its on the top half of the brake pedal but have to take the drivers side bottom half of the dash off :readit:
  4. dares_uk

    dares_uk Member


    but surely that wouldnt explain one bulb stopping, then another a few days later, and the middle brake light still working. ??
  5. dares_uk

    dares_uk Member

    ok, been to audi today, spoken to aservice woman, :ermm:
    and a technician, ( mechanic ) :shrug:

    theres only one brake light switch, so the switch is ok, because my center brake light works.

    they would charge me £22 a side, for changing the bulbs :think:

    so, ive come home, grabbed all my spare bulbs, ( single filiement )
    tried all them, on either side, and tested all other bulbs, ( indicators, reverse and side,) they all work, even moved those bulbs into the brake light holder, and still nothing.

    can any one help?? so i dont have to spend lots on audi investigating. :Flush:


    also, just ordered a new window switch, £16.98, any idea where to start for removal/fitting?

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