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Brake light bulb keeps blowing

bad-vw-boy Apr 1, 2010

  1. bad-vw-boy

    bad-vw-boy Member

    My n/s rear brake light bulb keeps blowing and i cant figure out why, i was driving along and then the warning light came on the dash telling me that one of the brake lights was not working, i checked the brake lights and found the bulb had blown, did not think much of it and changed, the next day as soon as i pressed the brakes the warning light came on again, so i checked the bulbs and found that it had blowb again, replaced it and again on the way home this evening it happened again, are these dodgy bulbs ?? can someone please tell me what i am not checking, it just seems odd to suddenly after working fine start blowing bulbs...what specific type of bulb should i be running?...any help , suggestions welcome, as i am stumped......checked the connections and they seem fine.
  2. heymynameismark

    heymynameismark Cool beans.

    It's possible you may have a bad earth, buddy. Worth checking all points that you're earthed to the chassis on :)

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