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Brake issues - red warning light and loss of pressure

alex350r Dec 27, 2013

  1. alex350r

    alex350r Member

    Hi Guys,

    My B7 Audi A4 decided to start playing up just before Christmas. When driving it the other day I went to hit the brakes and the pedal seemed to sink all the way to the floor before there was pressure. After that it went back to normal. However a couple of days later the brakes felt spongy again and I noticed if I push down on the pedal it goes all the way to the floor! Then the other day a warning light came on - red exclamation mark saying 'Brakes' - I figured this would happen eventually :-(

    I checked the brake fluid and there doesn't seem to be any fluid loss. I've looked around and can't see any leaks. The only thing I think it could be is the seals in the master cylinder? does this make sense?

    Unfortunately the main issue I have is that I need to keep my Audi service history for them to honor an outstanding issue with rust on my roof (the common issue with the roof rails). Also on the last service they found a broken bleed nipple which I imagine will need to be rectified before the system can be bled. I'm thinking that this is going to cost an arm and a leg at Audi so planning on taking it to a good VW specialist near me (Lion Garage) and not getting it written in the service book. Will this be ok? Are Audi likely to find out somehow? that sounds stupid but we all know what they are like! The only thing I have done is phone Audi to make a provisional booking but they can't see the car until the 7th of Jan! So I would have to cancel and make something up like oh the light has gone off now!

    Cheers for the help in advance,

  2. lynallbel

    lynallbel Active Member

    Dont tell them nowt, the service book is for just that service history, if unsure dont leave it in the car.
    Ref the broken nipple, if its got full audi history, surely they broke it!
  3. alex350r

    alex350r Member

    Thanks - so taking it to an independent and then cancelling the apt with Audi would be fine? Ref the broken nipple that was my thinking exactly! It was flagged up as being cracked on the first service that I had done since owning the car and then on the most recent inspection after it's MOT they said it had snapped :-(
  4. alex350r

    alex350r Member

    Bump - anyone??
  5. rowdyboy

    rowdyboy Member

    You can't prove it was the garage who snapped it, that's what they'll say.

    Your rust issue should not be affected by getting (non paint/bodywork) REPAIRS done at other garages. Service history is exactly what it says, servicing. That's when they do the paint inspections. That's all you need to worry about. There's no way of them knowing you had work done elsewhere.....
    apart from on here.

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