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Brake discs incorrect size?!!!!!

Marko Sep 27, 2007

  1. Marko

    Marko Member


    I've had ongoing brake issue for ages! Heat in the right front disc and caliper. I fitted EBC discs and pads as an upgrade and since then the problems have arrisen I had them checked at a brake specialist and there was some runout. Had a new right front caliper as it was sticking slightly. Still it gets hot after replacement.

    To sum up, I've now had new calipers on the front and new discs fitted as the old discs had more runout than previous thought! (I'm sending these back to EBC). Anyway, the new discs fitted seem too small. The EBC pad is bigger than the face of the disc and it's not as thick! I'm not sure how to upload pics here but I have some on the vwaudiforum site.

    Haynes say 25mm to a min of 23mm for discs, these new ones show 20mm. I've taken a picture of the EBC one held against the new disc and they don't look the same diameter either, plus there are many more holes! The EBC were exactly like OEM and the guy says he ordered OEM for my car and has fitted loads to Audi. Have the suppliers made a mistake? Surely pad should not overhang disc face????

    Surely these can't be right. Any advise please as I'm desperate now and the heat is still there in the dics after all this expense

    Many Thanks

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