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Brake Disc Change

chrisn900 Dec 14, 2009

  1. chrisn900

    chrisn900 Member

    Hi All
    I've an 06 plate 2.0tdi se sportback (140bhp)
    It's done 71000 miles and will soon be due a front and rear disc and pad change.
    I don't really want to have to take it to the 'stealers' and wondered if it's fairly easy to do the work myself.
    I'm fairly competent in automotive work, as i did work in the motor industry for 10 years until we were closed down by incompetent management !
    Could I possibly glean some advice from members on the size of discs (think the fronts are 288mm) rears not checked yet. The best priced place to get them from, and any tips and trick changing the discs.
    I did my last car (rover 25) for about £60 for the front 2 discs and pads.
    I know the Audi will be more expensive and different, but would be grateful for any good advice.
    Thanks very much : )
  2. Paul_c

    Paul_c Member

    I'm in a similar position to you mate.

    I think the rear are solid and 232mm in diameter and the front are vented 288mm. The same as the 8L i believe??

    If it is then a mintex full set is avalible for £115. :eyebrows:

    I was waiting for somebody to confirm this in another post.... :confused:

    ..... ooo just noticed you're a 2.0TDi.... mine is only the 1.9TDi
  3. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Regional Rep Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    When I sold my 04 1.9TDI I did a front disc and pad change and that bill came to £50.

    They were the cheapest stuff available mind... were from an Autoparts shop.
  4. chrisn900

    chrisn900 Member

    would there be any special tools I'd need for this job.
    Cant seem to find a Haynes type manual at all for the 8p....is there one available ?
  5. phil76

    phil76 Active Member

    Euro car parts do original ATE's i think so they could be an option,the only other thing is the caliper windback tool if i am correct and cant remember if it has a big torx drive for the caliper
  6. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Regional Rep Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Yeah, you need a caliper wind back tool... worth the hire tbh, I paid £5 deposit and £1.75 hire of the tool, and makes the job 10x easier than using a C clamp or similair.

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