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Brake Bias settings

max69vk Apr 22, 2013

  1. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    After replacing some rather shockingly worn brake pads on the motor at the weekend I've noticed that the brake bias seems to have shifted more towards the rear of the car. I've checked the fitting & cycled the ABS & its made no difference, after doing a bit of online searching it appears that the braking bias is meant to be set more toward the rear for safety i.e to keep the car more level under braking?

    I cant say that I'm 100% that this is correct as I used to get a fair bit of nose dive under heavy braking before the new pads were changed fitted (though this could be down to the knackered pads. The car stops fine enough although it does feel a bit strange as if being dragged to a stop rather than the previous nose-diving, dont get me wrong I've tried some heavy braking and the front brakes & ABS do kick in + a couple of hundred motorway miles & the brakes were working very well at slowing from high speed. Its just the balance feels a bit 'weird'.

    Does anyone else have any further knowledge on this?
  2. crunchie

    crunchie Active Member

    My S3 shows a lot more brake dust on the rear wheels compared to the fronts.
    Stripped them down a couple of times and stroked full length on the pistons and they are free as a bird.
    Don't remember them being quite as bad 2 years ago when I bought it with 12k on the clock, its now showing 26k.
    I wasn't sure if there was a load compensator as such on them?
  3. nluk100

    nluk100 Well-Known Member

    Really? My fronts are always caked and the rear ones are virtually clean!
  4. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    im the same, id say it was time for a caliper refurb for the op
  5. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    I think there's a possibility the front pads are just taking a little longer to bed in than the rears, although at lower speeds the rear brakes appear to be biting reasonably equally with the fronts which gives a much more 'level' stop i.e. no nose dip/dive. At higher speeds or emergency braking the front is definitely working harder & there is the expected dip/dive & ABS kicking in under very heavy pedal use.

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