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brake abs

qennu Jul 20, 2010

  1. qennu

    qennu Member

    Hello I dont know if this is a problem or not but its getting on my nerves.

    First This is my first audi and my first modern car.

    When I press the brake gently,but keep pressing it for a while (car wont stop quickly) the abs goes on and its more likely to be a disadvantage and not help stop the car !

    Mine is a 2.0 tdi s line with everything standard

    Does anybody have this type of problem or is it normal,because if its normal I am very disapointed with the brake set up.cheers
  2. Harrelson

    Harrelson Member

    If the car is new, take it easy for a few hundred miles. The brakes need to wear themselves in

    Mine are perfect. Press gently and cruises to a stop. Press hard and i can hear a "whoosh" sound with rapid deceleration. I trust mine 100%

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