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braided hoses for a 3.2 V6

racing6 Aug 13, 2009

  1. racing6

    racing6 New Member


    Im looking to complete the brake upgrade on my 54plt 3.2 V6 Quattro. I have got Blackdiamond grooved disc's all round with EBC redstuff pads and they do make a marked improvement on the stanard set up.
    However, to really benifit i need some braided lines all round with new fluid and i cant find anyone who has them in stock or even makes them for my car?:uhm:
    Can anyone point me in the right direction please??

    Thansk in advance:respekt:
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  2. Davidd003

    Davidd003 New Member

    My experience may help..or not...mainly as I am in AUS.

    I have a 2004 8P1 (thank Staz for that one) 3.2, I have had custom made Braided Brake lines fitted. Custom, as off the shelf did not fit..Think ECS Tuning. I also put GS610 Brake Fluid in (Exceeds DOT 3 & 4), EBC Yellow Stuff and Standard Rotars

    The reason is, I did not like the pedal feel. There was a large amount of pedal travel before the brakes bit, and they bit hard, with a mushy feel.

    Now I have more progressive feel, from the top of the peddle, they feel softer, but more instant...when you plant the foot it stops hard.

    The Braided lines ended up the opposite to what I talked too people about, most said instant hard bite..both bike and car people..so I was very surprised to find them softer but with no pedal travel to where they bit, which made them very progessive and easy to modulate.

    I know this does not help you source braided lines, but might help you as to the result if you can get them.

  3. paddy

    paddy Audi=No fault code, no idea Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    Where are you ?
    Venhill engineering in Dorking will make any braided line to order.
  4. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member

    Try Awesome GTI in Manchester!
  5. AwesomeSarah

    AwesomeSarah Member

  6. V6Pete

    V6Pete Now running on Bentley's y'all

    I've got Goodridge lines on mine - the kit listed for the Golf Mk5 4WD (R32) is the correct one for the 3.2 V6.

    Very worthwhile mod, found them on eBay for £66.95 with stainless fittings and £55.95 with zinc plated from these guys: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Mod-World


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