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Braided Brake Lines

Dan. Apr 28, 2011

  1. Dan.

    Dan. Member

    Alright guys,

    im planning on upgrading my brakelines to stainless steel braided ones,

    i can get all of the parts through work so might as well do it,

    i was just wondering if anybody has the length of the lines, and the fittings that are needed, (im guessing there NPT) just saves me taking one of my car,

    Failing that does anybody have a p/n and a price for the standard brake lines as it might be worth buying a spare in order to get measurements!! :D

    The car is a 2.0TDI 140 S-line SB by the way, (57 plate)

    ill be using Super gem which is essntially the same as Goodridge,

    Any help or tips off guys who have done this before would be great!!



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