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BOV from e-bay mod

guysrc Mar 31, 2008

  1. guysrc

    guysrc New Member

    Hello all
    I just bought a bov from e-bay and well as it looked like a good one i hade to do a couple of mods in order to work on my 97 a4 1.8
    1) the spring was to heavey i mean aprox 4.5 lbs to compress well that wont work so i went to my local hobby store and purtched a set of 1/8 buggy shock springs they come in different rates so i put a soft spring in and poof all works great ......
    2) in order to fit into the 97 a4 the bov horn needed to be a little smaller well thats were a grinder came in in order to fit between the fan and t-cover and that is it works perfect ..... just a littile fyi if you order from the web and not a good company hope it helps :applaus:

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